Wasatch Back Oasis is not currently organizing meetings.

Oasis communities create space for freethinkers to celebrate the human experience with regular meetings and activities. Our weekly gatherings feature live performances by local musicians, speakers to inspire and educate, and children’s programming to entertain and stimulate young minds.

Oasis Groups in Utah

Belief In Humanity

Whether you’re an atheist, Buddhist, inquisitive Mormon, or a unique blend all your own, the only expectation at Oasis is that you respect others, no matter where we are on our journey.

Belief In Community

Gathering regularly as a group feeds a deep human need for connection. There’s no expectation beyond having the inclination to learn and connect.

Belief In Self

Oasis members understand that morality, ethics, and meaningful actions can come from within each of us, whether we believe in established traditions or not.

 “Regardless of theological orientation, there is some kind of deeply ingrained basic human need for community. Homo sapiens are a tribal species that need support from others; that cannot be denied.”

Mike Aus  founder of the original Oasis group in Houston, Texas

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People are more important than beliefs.

Reality is known through reason.

Meaning comes from making a difference.

Human hands solve human problems.

Be accepting and be accepted.